Here's some answers to a few questions I get asked but I'll update this as needed. If anything is not answered just let me know. I'm pretty quick at responding.

How much is shipping?

Free! Always.

Do you deliver worldwide?

Yes - anywhere you need it I will get it to you.

Do you hold stock personally?

I want to and have some but for most it will come direct from the manufacturer in China. I have used them personally many times and trust them which is why I have gone into a business partnership. As costs and space allows I'd like to have stock for some popular items.

Why are you cheaper than others? Is it poor quality or a scam?

Well its definitely not a scam! I sell these as do other companies. I wanted to keep costs low to make it accessible to more people. I like to share anything Star Wars and this is one way. I have a 3D printing Etsy called Printed Movie Pops which is another business and it allows me to offer these at very close to wholesale prices. Quality is very good and getting better all the time. You can see many of these on YouTube and I just happen to be cheaper than those better know companies selling the same items.

Do you sell accessories?

I do - things such as blades, stands, blade plugs, cores etc can all be bought. Just let me know though is honestly it may not be financially viable to send something so small from China and I'll see if I can help you get somewhere closer to save money.

How do I use my custom saber?

It does vary depending on what electronics you have and if you have one or two buttons but each comes with instructions and I learned most from YouTube. If you are stuck just let me know!

How do I charge my saber?

Please don't charge using a high power laptop charger. You can use an external battery charger or if keeping the battery in charge through a laptop USB port for example. If charging through the lightsaber and using a wall plug you need a low power one that is 5 volts, 1 amp.

What if my custom saber doesn't work?

Don't worry. Sometimes they need plugging in again to give it a kickstart - use the cable and plug in to the wall using a low power 5 volt, 1 amp plug. It might say 'charging'. When fully charged (could take a few hours) it should turn on. On the rare occasion something is damaged it will of course be replaced.