Lightsaber core and blade

Lightsaber core and blade

Hi all,

I have created this link just for those needing a blade and electronics from the Mystery Makers Patreon. I will be sure to request the single button with the round charge port while stock last!

They are sent direct from the manufacturer and the price does include postage. To be cost effective I have put the blade and electronics as a kit as it can be a bit expensive to just have a core sent internationally - do send me a message though if you have specific needs and I am sure we can work it out.

The options are:

Basic baselit one that shines like a torch through a hollow blade - you have some basic choices on this but not much to customise.

SNv4 which has a pixel blade so LED lights in the blade that can do lots of great lighting effects. It has a memory card that you can add sound fonts on. You can control this by bluetooth using an app called ForcePark so its really easy to see what it all does.

Proffie is the high end and great lighting effects, fantastic sounds but does need actual programming to be able to add things to it.

Blade sizes are 82 or 92 cm

I have kept the costs at wholesale price offered to me but unfortunately I don't have the bulk buying power of places like AliExpress. I can at least help make sure you get what you need.

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