Rey's Dark Vision Lightsaber

Dark Vision Rey lightsaber

Rey's Dark Vision Lightsaber

I love this - so feel free to buy it and gift it to me! When Rey sees herself as having turned to the dark side this is what she has. You can now have it too. Double saber with a fold-out design. A must have for the completest or fans of the dark side. Never has such a small movie moment left such a big impact on me and I hope you feel the same.

If you see it cheaper elsewhere please let me know.

Full of sounds and light styles and if you get the Xenopixel version there is an app to control all functions from your device via bluetooth. It is very easy to add new sounds to and I'm happy to help talk you through this if required.

Proffie will give you the most customisable blade styles and is the greatest quality - it does need a bit of programming to add to it. 

Baselit works like a torch and is lit from the bottom (cheapest but least customisation). 

Many can also be sent empty so just let me know if your needs are not listed. It is worth noting that this option is not available on every model. *Note that empty hilts do not come with blades*

Enjoy the power of the light or dark side as you hear and feel the hum of the blade ignite and change as you swing the lightsaber around. Gesture controls mean you can twist the saber on and off, you can have music play and change the colours of the blade to whatever suits your mood.

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